Lovely Toy Review: Razor Mini Mod Scooter

The Razor Jr. Mini Mod Scooter is a chic little (emphasis on the “little”) electric scooter for toddlers. It has a seat they can sit on and a little foot pedal they press to get it going and zooms off at speeds up to 2 mph. Much more reasonably sized (and priced) than those electric car counterparts, my 4-year-old had a complete blast riding up and down our street and her 18-month-old sister is dying to have a turn herself one day. That said, there are some things parents should know about this scooter if they’re considering this purchase.

Features I Love: This thing is sloooooow. Like 2 mph slow. When we first took the scooter out for a test drive, Grandma was all freaked out about how fast that would be and worried about a possible tumble. Well, a few minutes after seeing exactly what 2 mph looks like on this thing, and all her fears were assuaged. Seriously, they WALK faster than the scooter. It’s almost comical. And I really appreciate the on/off switch on the back for when her little sister tries to climb on and push the pedal (granted, that makes her very mad.)…

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