Lovely Sentiment: On Coffee

no coffee no workee

So it was National Coffee Day yesterday and I totally missed it! Although I guess I unknowingly “celebrated” by drinking three cups (aka survival fuel for an entire day with two kids by yourself.) So in belated honor of that drink we all need to get through a Monday – or any other day – revisit a collection of my most lusted-after coffee recipes from around the web. And to think I wrote that post when I only had one kid! Ha!

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Lovely Coffee: Droolworthy Coffee Recipes for the Sleep-Deprived

This post is brought to you by a majorly sleep-deprived woman. You know when you’re so tired you’re basically just running on fumes? That’s me. I find myself staring off into nowhere only to snap back to reality moments later and wonder what I was doing and how I’m going to muster up the energy to even type this post. Another thing one does when they’re need to stay awake for many many more hours but can’t have any caffeine is daydream about things like this:

So in honor of my sleepless child and I, here’s a roundup of the most mouthwatering  and delicious looking caffeinated concoctions on the Web. Do me a favor and have one, or four, for me today!


Creamy Vanilla Iced Coffee – An oldie, but a goodie.

Frozen Thai Iced Coffee – I LOVE Thai iced teas (despite the bucket of sugar that’s probably dumped in each cup), and adding coffee to it seems like it would only make it better!

Smuggler’s Coffee – A little coffee-y, a little boozy, a whole lot nice!

Spanish Latte – This is my favorite coffee at LA’s Urth Caffe. It’s creamy, delicious, and more importantly, caffeinated!

Chocolate Coffee– When chocolate meets coffee, beautiful things happen!

Coffee Frappe – Ice cream + coffee = dessert heaven

Iced Caramel and Coconut Coffee – I’ve never tried a flavor combo like this, but I love coconut and I love caramel and by now you must know that I REALLY love coffee. Win-win-win.

Iced Banana Latte – If you’ve never tried a banana latte yet, you must! It’s one of my favorite coffee drinks and this version has me drooling in preggo shame.

Happy caffeinating!