Lovely Toddler: Facing Your Fears (Namely, Mine)


NOTE: Don’t read this if your’e eating or about to eat or squeamish. Just a friendly PSA ūüôā

So I have a totally irrational fear of throw up. Mine and anyone else’s. My husband can attest that he never witnessed me throwing up the entire decade we were together, and when I was pregnant with my first I fell into hysterics because I felt like I was about the yak. Spoiler alert: I didn’t. (The mind is stronger than the body, my friends.) So you can imagine that one of my greatest fears prior to even thinking of having kids was one day having to deal with that inevitable kid vomit. I guess I’ve been fortunate that in Little Miss’ short three years, I’ve never had to deal with it and off I lived in ignorant bliss.

Until now.

This past weekend I had the brilliant idea¬†to take Little Miss¬†on a special Mommy-Daughter date to a nearby bakery where I was going to order a baby shower cake. After waiting for the crotchety old man who seemed to be running the show, we were finally seated in front of his ornate desk. Little Miss – with excitement shining in her eyes from all the cakes surrounding her – opens her mouth to say something… and a stream of vomit promptly flies out Exorcist-style. I guess it’s true what they say about your mom instincts kicking in, because despite my extreme hatred of this particular bodily fluid, I quickly flew to her side to comfort¬†her when another stream came spewing out. Towards my face. I totally know what projectile vomit is now. Guys, it TOUCHED MY FACE. Seriously. Is there anything more disgusting?

The even more amazing part? I didn’t do a thing but continue to sit there and rub her back while she emptied the contents of her stomach (undigested grapes and all) in five short heaves all over her shoes, my shoes and the grumpy old man’s carpet. Yea, he was NOT happy. Basically threw me a roll of paper towels and a plastic bag and walked off in a huff. Not a single question of whether she was all right. But that’s ok, I get it, it’s gross.

Obviously, I didn’t order the cake there. Nor am I ever showing my face in there again.

Life is all about timing my friends. How this happens the one hour she was out of the house all day is beyond me, but maybe the Universe is trying to teach me a lesson in facing my fears. And you know what? It wasn’t so bad.


Lovely Toddler: Raddish Kids Review


Have you guys heard of Raddish Kids? If you haven’t, it’s a pretty awesome idea (and I’m kinda jealous I didn’t think of it myself!) Started by teachers who thought the kitchen¬†classroom was the tastiest place to learn, Raddish sends you a monthly box filled with 3 super yummy recipes for you to make with your child, ¬†a grocery list (my savior!), corresponding crafts/activities (supplies included,) adorable Raddish apron for your child and even “Table Talk” cards for related conversation starters during dinner. How cute is that?! While I always have these grand ideas for things I want to do with my toddler, the reality is real life and exhaustion often get the best of me and most of these projects never happen. (I mean going to the store with two little one’s just to get some glitter pens? That’s so not happening.) So having this awesome box show up at my door with laminated recipe cards, glitter pens, ribbons, and an adorable kid’s apron inside is beyond praise-worthy.


Clearly a lot of thought has gone into the recipes they select. They’re tasty, kid-friendly, and don’t require too many ingredients or take too much time to make. And they’re also perfect for having little hands help out. The box we received was an Olympic-themed box (during the Sochi Olympics, natch) and contained recipes for a Gold Medal Omelet, Greek Turkey Burgers with Tzatziki Sauce and Olympic Torch Cupcakes. While Little Miss is only 2.5, she had a blast helping me make these, and an even better time eating them (especially the “fire” cupcakes that she was just dying to devour.) And when there were parts of the recipe that I preferred to do solo (not quite ready to let her mix raw meat yet,) it was super easy to keep her content decorating the medals that came in the box. I also love how the recipes came thoughtfully laminated to make sure they can a) last forever and b) stay clean. And while I was a little dubious about how tasty kid-friendly recipes would be, I was pleasantly surprised. They were all super flavorful and delicious. The Hubby couldn’t get over how awesome the burgers were, and they’ll now become a part of our regular dinner rotation.


IMG_4452Not only is cooking together a fun activity to do with your kids, but an important one. As we all know (myself included!) picky toddlers are a dime a dozen. Studies have shown that kids are much more likely to eat foods that they help prepare, and that those that are exposed to various kids of foods early on cultivate a more diverse palate. And by letting your child help out in the kitchen, they gain a sense of independence and self-confidence – I mean the look on Little Miss’ face after she helps me make something in the kitchen is proof enough. ¬†Check it out:

Obviously, I highly recommend Raddish Kids. While it’s geared towards kids ages 3-6, I can see both older and younger kids enjoying the contents of the monthly box. The boxes start at $20-24/month and can be ordered here. Who knows? The next Julia Child just might be a Raddish Kid! Bon app√©tit!
*Disclaimer: I was provided with a box to review, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.
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