Lovely Sentiment: Just Do It!

Who else is loving the spring time action on the West Coast (sorry East Coasters!)? Anyways, a little flower power to brighten up your day…



Lovely Sentiment: On Coffee

no coffee no workee

So it was National Coffee Day yesterday and I totally missed it! Although I guess I unknowingly “celebrated” by drinking three cups (aka survival fuel for an entire day with two kids by yourself.) So in belated honor of that drink we all need to get through a Monday – or any other day – revisit a collection of my most lusted-after coffee recipes from around the web. And to think I wrote that post when I only had one kid! Ha!

The awesome spoon pictured above can be purchased on Etsy.

Lovely Sentiment: Valuing Yourself

Happy Monday! This weekend was filled with date nights, super sales at my favorite stores, a trip to Disneyland and good friends – one really can’t ask for more. I’m starting to get super-excited about my whirlwind trip to Seattle to see A Neon Princess and just feel like this week is gonna fly by! How about you? What are you looking forward to this week?