Lovely Small Business: Hoopla Room


Can you tell I’m a sucker for well-designed children’s products? If you’re looking to furnish your nursery or kid’s room with unique pieces that stand the test of time, Hooplaroom is a beautifully curated online store filled with enough modern and whimsical pieces to make your fingers itch to grab your wallet. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Hoopla Room’s founder and CEO, Adeline Bron – another French mother living in the US. (Seriously, the French are just so stylish!)

Some of my favorite pieces from the shop are these charming polka-dot animal book ends, the ever-so-useful Three Sprouts toy bin, and musician wall decals. I also love how you can find certain pieces there like these super fun kids bean bag chairs that you can’t find anywhere else in the US (I mean, seriously, Little Miss would just DIE if she saw that.)

IMG_5128 IMG_5193

So how exactly does this mom of four (!) do it all? Let’s get a little glimpse:
What were you doing before starting Hooplaroom?
I was a pharmacist in France. I came to the US seven years ago with a toddler. Two kids later, I thought it was really hard to furnish their room with products that were both practical and original. In every child’s room, I was always seeing the same kind of products: either from Target on the cheapest side or Pottery Barn Kids’ on the most expensive side. The colors were going from light pink to purple for girls and light blue to navy blue for boys. Very boring! I thought to myself ”it has to change!”

What are some of your favorite children’s brands right now?
In terms of organization, I’d say 3 Sprouts without any doubt! It’s actually the only American brand that I sell on my website. I first wanted to offer only European brands. I was looking for a brand that was making nice toy boxes and bins but I didn’t find any European brand as good as 3 Sprouts (both for design and practicality). Regarding kids clothing, I love Zara and H & M. And of course, Petit Bateau, great quality and beautiful design!
Where do you find you often discover your favorite items for the shop?
 I like to follow some French decoration blogs, Pinterest boards and websites. I also like to read French decor magazines (MILK is my favorite one). When I travel to Paris, I like to go to small boutiques and see what is trendy there. And last but not least, I attend a huge fair in Paris every year where I get to meet manufacturers and discover new products.
How do you balance running your own business and being a mom?
It’s hard! I have 4 kids including a newborn. It has been especially tough at the end of the pregnancy and the first few weeks after the birth. My rule is to schedule some time slots to work when the kids are in school and to stick with it even if the house is messy. If I start looking at the mess, I’ll always find something to clean-up instead of working. Every day, I stop working when I go pick up the kids from school. I often have to work on Sundays which I don’t particularly like.
What is the most challenging part of running your own business?
Running my own business is very rewarding because every little success is mine! I learned so many things building Hooplaroom from scratch. On the other hand, it’s also very challenging because I still have a lot to learn. Not having web programming skills is my biggest challenge. I’d like to study advance programming to be able to modify images on my website by myself. Right now, I need to ask my husband to do it for me. 
There’s been a lot of talk lately about French parenting vs. American parenting, and your’e a French mother living in the US. What have you found to be the biggest difference? Are there “American”-style methods you prefer in your own parenting and vice versa?
Generally speaking, I feel that French moms are stricter. They expect a lot from their kids even when they are little. For example, they expect children to sleep at night from a young age (4 month old) and to behave at the table very early. I am not saying that it always works but that’s the French mom’s expectations and I have to say the more you expect from a child the more chances you have to get a result. Also, a big difference is that in France, parents don’t childproof every corner of their house, they just expect the child to learn how to behave in the world of adults instead of all adults having to live in a child’s world.
The ”American” parenting method that I use all the time and that you’ll never see in France is the ‘time out’. I love it because it gives time both to the parent and the child to calm down. The child has time to think about what he did wrong and I like the talk that I have with my kid when he comes out of time-out. The nice thing about having experienced life in France and in the USA is to be able to take the best of each country and to learn that there is not only one way of doing things but you can get the same results using different techniques. 
And finally, what’s your favorite item in the store right now?
Regarding your question: I think my favorite Hooplaroom item is the garland light. It can really be the final touch to add color to any room. It goes well in a child’s room, a living room (on top of the fire place) or just anywhere in the house. It can look different in each different house and I love that.
Thank you Adeline, it was lovely chatting with you!



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