Lovely Baby: Sleep, I Missed You

So for the first time in almost HALF A YEAR (yes, 6 months, people) both girls slept through the night at the same time. This is a major deal. I woke up this morning a) butt early because my body was so used to getting up every few hours, and b) feeling like this:

Everyone was right – all babies are different, and so far the major difference between Kid #1 and Kid #2 has been in the sleep department. Little Miss was always an awesome sleeper, and outside of the first month when we had to wake her to feed her every 2 hours, she’s always slept through the night, and quickly hit that mythical 12 hours of sleep a night all parents wish for. So we were beyond lucky and spoiled.

Enter the Littlest Miss.

While she naps pretty decently throughout the day, nighttime sleep has been its own beast. She did fairly decently at first, and even had a week of 6+ hours, then we hit the infamous 4-month sleep regression. That lasted forever. She was literally up every 1.5-2 hours. That means we were sleeping in half hour to 1.5 hours increments.

Now, I’m not someone who needs a ton of sleep and function pretty well on little, but this was ree-donk-u-lous. After the first week of this nightmare, we became zombies, barely making it through the day and dreading “bedtime” (the time most parents look forward to) because we knew what was to come. Then about a week ago, she started sleeping a little bit longer (like in 3 hour stretches – woohoo!) here and there. But ,of course, life can’t be so easy. That’s when the toddler, who has recently been potty trained, started waking up at 4am hollering that she had to go potty. So if it wasn’t one child, it was the other.

But all this doesn’t matter anymore. Because I got to sleep for 6 glorious uninterrupted hours! And it could’ve been more if I weren’t so dumb and went to bed so late. So, today, even if it’s just for a day, this is me:

I’ve also decided that four is the magic number. Once I get four straight hours of sleep, I feel like a new woman. Obviously more is preferable, but I’ll take four any day over the alternative.

Happy Hump Day and hope everyone sleeps well tonight!


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