Lovely Baby: A Day in the Life…

This post is mainly for posterity so that one day if I perhaps have baby fever again, I can look back and go, NO. (I kid, I kid.)

4:30am – Baby awake, has broken out of Miracle Blanket, and we all know that once one arm is free, it’s over! Bring her into bed with me in desperation.

6:30am – Alarm goes off. Wait, didn’t I just fall back asleep? Agh.

7:00am – Nursing the baby as I hear the toddler yelling, “Mooooom, the sun is awake!” over and over and over. Tough luck kiddo, you’re just gonna have to wait. 

7:00am-8:00am – Utter chaos as we rush to get dressed, change baby and toddler (one day I will have the energy to potty train, I swear), gather together all my essentials (purse, pump, bottle parts, laptop, ahhh!) and rush out the door.

8-8:45am – Commute to work while I pump. I’m always terrified of being pulled over and having to reveal what’s under the cover. I am ravenous and my mouth feels as dry as the Sahara, but ahhh… at last some alone time.

9-5pm – Work aka “me time”. Realize I have milk stains on my pants and spit up on my shirt. Oh well. That’s what jackets are for. Finally get to eat some semblance of breakfast at 10am. Dread pumping every. single. day. It never gets easier, just more annoying. The day flies by most of the time. 

5-6pm – Race home. 

6pm-8pm (that’s on a good day) – Chaos again as we rush to get dinner on the table, kids fed, sometimes bathed, in PJs, and in bed. 

8pm-10pm – The toddler did NOT feel like going to bed tonight. Neither did the baby. Crap. Back and forth from girl to girl. Head wants to explode, I’m so tired. 

10pm-midnight – Get the baby down. Wash pump parts, bottles, dishes, etc. How is there SO much stuff to wash everyday?! Get everything ready for tomorrow. Maybe squeeze in a shower if I’m feeling extra motivated – I’m probably not. Too exhausted to even want to watch TV. Finally, at long last…time for bed. Praying the baby does not wake up at 2am and 4:30am like she did the night before. 

Rinse and repeat. At least I get to wake up to this:



Happy almost Friday, ya’ll!

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