Lovely Baby: And Baby Makes Four

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Sooo… this happened. Little Lady #2 arrived 2.5 weeks early at a whopping 5 lbs 6 ounces (after a 16-hour failed induction and eventual c-section), and healthy as can be. But a healthy newborn + toddler + surgery recovery = no posts for a while. I’m constantly awed and amazed by bloggers I work with and follow that are able to post anything mere days after their delivery. My brain is still a pile of mush from the 2 hour chunks of sleep I get, so the fact that any of those women can string together multiple coherent sentences is beyond me.

Having a newborn the second time around is much more mellow than the first, mainly because (as I share over at Right Start), you’re not as anxious about the little stuff like “is she breathing?” “what do all these grunts mean?” and Dr. Googling every tiny little noise or symptom. A) Because you’ve already been there, done that and survived, and B) You simply don’t have the luxury of time to do that anymore since there is now a toddler that requires much more attention than the newborn. Oh, and that sleep when the baby sleeps thing everyone tells you? Well, trust me, no one’s going to tell you that with your second, because it’s IMPOSSIBLE. Toddlers are awake most of the day and need constant supervision. Hence, you stay awake even when your body is begging you to lie down. Also gone is hibernating indoors for a month. Have you ever tried staying indoors all day with a stir-crazy toddler? Yea, not so fun. We watch way more TV than I’ve ever let her watch before (hello, Daniel Tiger,) and thankfully she enjoys reading books by herself for a while (and “a while” in toddler time means anything longer than 10 minutes.) But if it weren’t for our daily outings, I think Little Miss and I would both be going crazy.

One thing thats been a pleasant surprise (so far) has been watching how Little Miss simply dotes on her little sister. She’s the first thing she asks about when she wakes up or comes in the door and all she wants to do is pet her head and give her kisses all day long (which is a blessing and a curse, as #2 has already had a fortunately very short cold thanks to her germy older sister.) There are definitely moments when I can tell Little Miss is clingier to me, and I don’t blame her. You go from being the center of the universe to having to share in the blink of an eye – that can’t be easy. She’s also incredibly possessive over “my baby.” No one else besides myself  and Little Miss – not even Dad – are apparently allowed to hold baby sister most of the time or a meltdown occurs. “Myyyyy sister, no Grandma hold! Miiine” – but I guess I’ll try to see it as sweet in a demented kind of way. And while nursing all day everyday and feeling like a prisoner to your boobs is frankly, sucky (pun intended), at least I get to catch up on my TV shows (well, at least after Little Miss goes to bed). Otherwise it’s rinse and repeat over and over (and over) again. Thank God for coffee.

But I know these days will go all too fast, and before I know it she’ll be walking and talking and doing other things that remind me that life goes way too fast, so I’m going to try to enjoy every second of newbornhood this time. And if you have any shows on Netflix you recommend binge watching, send them my way! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Lovely Baby: And Baby Makes Four

  1. I’m right there with you, only here it’s #1, so I’m crazy and anxious and Dr. Googling everything that happens. At least I get to take naps during the day — thanks for the perspective! Netflix suggestions: Scandal, Psych, Arrow, Chuck, 30 Rock, Better off Ted, The Killing.

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