Lovely Baby: Gift Ideas for the Second-Time Mom

gift ideas for the second time mom

As my due date approaches at what feels like lightening speed, and the possibility of an early inducement looms large (I have GD and IUGR – a lovely, somewhat contradictory combination – seriously, the worst), I’ve been in a giant panic to get things ready for bambino # 2. I wrote over at Right Start about registering the second time around, but besides the common items you can find in most baby stores, (and who doesn’t love getting adorable tiny baby clothes?!) what are the things that a second, third, fourth, or even first-time mom really want/need?

Meal or grocery delivery – Getting in a car to go grocery shopping?! Forget it! Or making any sort of home-cooked meal – ha! I try to remember to always bring some sort of meal or snack for the new family when I make the first visit. Or even a bag full of easy to reach for and eat snacks (think Kind bars, granola, Smart Water, or the like) will always be appreciated. A great gift to pool in on with a bunch of friends might even be something like an Amazon Fresh subscription,, so the tired parents can order groceries online and have them show up right at their door!

Blow out gift certificate – I think this is an awesome gift for ANY woman, new mom or not, but I’m sure a new mom would REALLY appreciate getting an hour away to drink champagne (or tea) and sit BY HERSELF while someone makes her hair look fabulous, thereby making it ok that she won’t get to shower for the next 4 , 5, 6 days.

Mani/Pedi gift certificate + babysitting bonus – Same as above, any kind of pampering where you get to get away is a plus in my book. Offer to watch the baby/kids while she’s gone, or arrange something with her partner and have a relaxing girls hour at the nail salon.

Lactation cookies – If the new mom is breastfeeding, come over with a batch of fresh-baked lactation cookies to help with that milk supply! Delicious and helpful – that’s a double win in my book!

Freezer meals – Everyone knows that you hardly eat those first few weeks (or months), life is just too crazy and before you know it, it’s time to feed the Baby again! So next time, I think I’ll show up with an easy freezable meal so that Mama can just pop it in the microwave when she needs a quick dinner! Think quiche, casseroles, lasagna.

Girl time – It’s so easy for a new mom to feel isolated and disconnected from everyone around her. Arrange for the partner to watch the kid(s) for an hour and take her out for a drink!

A bottle (or two) of wine  – No joke. All I’ve been dying for this pregnancy is a nice glass of wine (or two), and as long as it’s done responsibly, there’s no problem with drinking while nursing either. So if you know your friend is a vino lover, why not share the love and share a lovely and relaxing glass of wine?

Caffeine – fresh or in gift certificate form – Friend not into wine or cocktails? Well with all the sleep-deprivations they’re bound to be experiencing, some coffee would be nice too.  So don’t forget that requisite latte or pumpkin spice ANYTHING.  And if your friend isn’t into either booze or coffee… well, I can’t relate, so you’re on your own there!

No matter what, I’m sure your friend would love to see your lovely face and have some adult company and someone to entertain the older child. Those are the kinds of gifts that are truly priceless.


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