Lovely Baby: My First Year Poster


Anyone else have a perfectly lovely baby book sitting around years later, gathering dust, with nothing filled in? Yup, guilty as charged. All well meaning first-time parents purchase these adorable books meaning to fill in every major milestone and stuff it full of photos to memorialize Baby’s first year only to realize that time is more and more limited and the book often gets lost in the new chaos of life. So you can see why I was super excited to discover Strange Birdy Studio’s absolutely gorgeous and adorable “My First Year” Poster.


These ingenious and aesthetically lovely posters are printed on heavy velvet-finished fine art paper and measure 17×22. I”m in love with the graphics and fonts they used! There are over 30 fields for you to fill out throughout the first year (or WAY after the first year like I did) from major milestones, to first words to even the type of hair they have between Day 1 and Year 1.  The problem with filling one of these so retroactively like I did, is often, you don’t remember a lot of the little details and have to look them up or do some detective work. With #2, I’d love to have this already hanging in the nursery and filling it out as each special event occurs. (Isn’t that the main problem with traditional baby books – out of sight, out of mind?)


There are various color options, as well as the option to have it personalized with your child’s name printed at the top (which I did, but it’s blurred out for privacy reasons, sorry! Check out a clearer sample HERE). I can’t wait to put my finished product in a frame! So if you’re looking for easier (and more stylish) baby book alternatives or just a design junkie like me, you have to check these out.

A non-personalized version is $45, and a personalized version will run you $75. What a sweet keepsake these will make for any child when they’re older!

* DISCLAIMER: I was provided with a complimentary copy of this product, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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