Lovely Diaper Duty: Mom, Dad or Both?

So lately, I’ve been finding myself surprised at the number of people I hear who say Daddy doesn’t change diapers, or better yet, REFUSES to change diapers. Then I came across this article on Simon Cowell who is also publicly declaring that he “100% absolutely [will] not [go] near that!” once his new baby is here.  I guess it’s a thing.

I know I’m very lucky to have a partner that is in all ways and forms a 100% co-parent. When Little Miss was first born, he changed 90% of the diapers those first 6 weeks while I was still recovering from a C-section, and now that we both work full-time, he still does his share of diaper duty (amongst other things.) I think I naively assumed that’s just the way everyone did it.  Boy was I wrong.  I wasn’t overly surprised to hear about how many of OUR dads never changed diapers (including Little’s Miss grandfather who still would be clueless as to what to do) but when I heard  an old friend – who is my age  – say her husband refused to change the baby’s diapers, I was a bit in shock.  I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s my “we’re all equal here, buddy” leanings, or the fact that changing a diaper, honestly, isn’t that hard, or gross (TRUTH: I have never been peed or pooped on, although I know that does happen on occasion.) What about the idea that it’s just one of those rites of passage into parenthood? I just could never picture a mother refusing to change her kid’s diaper.

Clearly there’s some sense of traditional gender roles when it comes to these men who refuse (or some unmasculine squeamishness?) and the women who allow them to refuse (because, believe you me, that would not have flown in my book!), and to each their own… but in my opinion… real men change diapers. The end.

What do you think, is diaper duty just for the ladies, or should men lend a helping hand (or two?) 


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