Lovely Instagram Printing: Printrbook


As many of you already know, I love Instagram. It’s a fast and easy way for me to document moments of life (and lame food shots) that I know I wouldn’t otherwise. The main problem with apps like Instagram though is what do you do with all those awesome pics you snapped besides look at them on your phone from time to time? Thanks to the advent of multiple Instagram printing services, it’s easier than ever to get a printed book, magnet, or even phone case of your Instagram shots. I’ve tried several out there already – Blurb and Stickygram to name just a few – and was recently introduced to a new service called Printrbook.


At about $11-12 USD (they’re based in the UK), you get the most adorable (approximately) 4×4 softcover book of either 25 or 50 Instagram photos (I went with 50.) I loved how super easy it was to select the photos I wanted in there, because there’s nothing worse than spending hours picking out the pics you want only to have to rearrange one image and wasting another hour. You can add a title, and choose to have your Instagram caption/date showing or not showing. I chose to show them to have some reference of when things were taken. It’s also a breeze to order multiple copies of the same one (Christmas presents, anyone?) And if you’re a print snob like me, I have to say I was pretty happy with the print quality of the images (especially considering they’re low res.) Just know that it’s printed on heavy duty matte paper, lest you’re expecting a glossier version.

The books were also the perfect miniature size for Little Miss to hold as she lovingly gazed at pictures of herself (who said toddlers weren’t narcissists?!) They’d also be great as grandparent gifts, anniversary gifts or even as wedding favors. And while Printrgram only offers one size/version of the book, they are working on offering more variety in the coming months as the business grows. Exciting!

prinstrgram 2

As an added bonus, Printrbook is offering A Lovely State of Mind readers 10% off with the special discount code lovely10 for the first 50 users. Happy printing!


3 thoughts on “Lovely Instagram Printing: Printrbook

  1. So glad you love your books – your great photos make them of course!

    Just so you are aware…due to a change in Instagram’s terms of use for 3rd party apps like ours, we had to change our name. So Printrgram is now Printrbook!

    We’ve just added some new features too – new cover styles. Check them out at

    And that 10% off code is still valid 🙂

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