Lovely Baby: Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seat and More!

Now Nuna is probably a baby brand you haven’t heard of before, because this Dutch brand is fairly new to the US, although very popular in Europe. I’m in love with their sleek, modern designs and practical considerations. We were first introduced to the brand at the 2013 Plush Show, where the hubby was enamored with the adult-sized Leaf.  So when we were invited to our favorite local neighborhood baby store, Bel Bambini, to check out the newest Nuna offerings, we hauled Little Miss off and headed up the street.


Not only was it awesome to see the products demonstrated up close with a rep explaining things, and wander the store after it had closed, we entered a raffle and… actually won! (Seriously, I NEVER win anything.) So now we are the proud owners of the new Nuna PIPA infant car seat. This impressive seat has a first-of-its-kind vertical stability bar for installing the seat (if you’ve ever dealt with the hassle and sweat of properly installing a car seat, you’ll appreciate this!) and the “Dream Drape”, which despite its somewhat hilarious name, is totally practical – i.e. no more draping and picking up blankets to shield Baby while they’re sleeping in their car seats. It holds infants from 4 lbs (something we totally could’ve used for Little Miss who was born under 5 lbs) all the way up to 32 lbs and 32-inches. I especially appreciated how lightweight it was (only 7.7 lbs!) because despite claims that I’d get “Mommy Arms” from hauling around gear and kid, I’m still a weakling.  Little Miss loved rocking it back and forth.

photo 1

photo 3

I’ll write a full review of this car seat once #2 is actually here. Now the hubby is dying to try out their version of a Baby bouncer/lounger, the Nuna Leaf… we’ll see about that one!

Thanks to Nuna, Bel Bambini, and Konnect PR for a great event!


3 thoughts on “Lovely Baby: Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seat and More!

  1. You will have to tell me how that toddler seat works out. We’ll be in the market for one soon (but how pricey is it, since I obvi won’t be winning one ;)!

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