Lovely Seattle: There and Back Again

seattleThis past weekend I had the pleasure of taking 2 days to go visit the lovely A Neon Princess at her new home in Seattle. And apparently I picked the only 2 days of the week that weren’t sunshine-y and gorgeous – but I didn’t mind. The cooler overcast weather was a nice break from the LA heat I’d been experiencing, and perfect walking weather.

A great friend is like your favorite pair of pants – so easy to just slip on and relax even after a long period of not seeing each other. Basically all we did was walk (so much walking!), shop, eat and drink coffee. Pretty awesome.

Seattle is nothing if not filled with adorable-looking coffee shops, whiskey bars on every corner and tons of cafes. Even the dessert shops sold alcohol! I guess that’s what one does when it’s rainy outside most of the year. We ate some delicious food including a gargantuan Indian burrito called a Frankie that stayed with us the rest of the day, a mouthwatering breakfast biscuit at Serious Biscuit, Russian dumplings, peanut butter molten chocolate cake at Hot Cakes (no wonder there’s a line out the door!) and a delicious French dinner in a lovely ambiance at Bastille. And we can’t forget the coffee. Even preggo, I can appreciate a good cup of (half-caf or decaf) coffee. I think my fave of all the places we tried was Caffe Vita, which is extra awesome because there’s one in LA now (although Caffe Umbria was a close second for me.)

In the sightseeing sense, I had already been to Seattle a few times before (albeit many many years ago), so we just strolled past the requisite Space Needle and Public Market, then checked out the really awesome Olympic Sculpture Park which even has a roof you can climb onto to catch an amazing view of the water. And what visit to Seattle is complete without a trip to the Fremont Trolll? If you were a child of the 80s/90s and was obsessed with “10 Things I Hate About You”, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I was happy to see that some kind visitor had taken it upon themselves to give him a chalk manicure.

That pretty much wraps up my whirlwind trip, and I can’t wait to return and discover even more that this rainy city has to offer. If you[‘re wondering if it’s a city worth visiting, it totally is!

* Collage of Instagram pics above


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