Lovely Children’s Clothes: Caramel Baby & Child


There’s a reason people go crazy over anything with even the hint of French – it’s so freakin’ cute! Recently I discovered a new children’s brand – one that I could probably only afford in my wildest dreams – that just bowled me over with sweetness. Caramel Baby & Child is a UK based company started by designer Eva Karayiannis (a former lawyer of all things!)

She says, “Just because children’s clothes had a relaxed quality, there was no reason why they shouldn’t also feel modern. Just because they had some of the formality of continental Europe, why shouldn’t they also have a little laid back Englishness? ” I love that. A little continental, a little English, a whole lot of adorableness!  And without further delay, is some more eye candy for your viewing pleasure (I am totally drooling over this tunic/legging set for Little Miss):






Sizes range from newborn all the way up to 12 years. Check out their online shop HERE.


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