Lovely Design: The World’s Smallest House

This may be old news for some of you, but I was recently just introduced to the tiniest house ever by my lovely sister-in-law. I mean just look at this thing! It’s 1 square meter long, and is a project designed by Van Bo Le-Mentzel in cooperation with BMW Guggenheim LAB, airbnb and eastseven Hostel. Le-Mentzel is a refugee from the small country of Laos, and wanted to explore the concept of home and finding a home – a problem that many refugees and other immigrants face. “Everybody should have their own house, with a window and a door. And it should stand wherever you want,” Le-Mentzel says.

Despite being only one square meter, this teeny space contains a desk for your computer, a window, a sleeping area (the entire capsule can be turned on its side for sleeping), and wheels on the bottom so that you could easily transport it wherever you wanted to live. Le-Mentzel apparently drew a lot of inspiration from airplane cabins and their space efficient designs.  The craziest part of all? It can be yours when you travel! That’s right, it’s available for rent through airbnb for a whopping 1 Euro a night. Imagine traveling to Berlin only to sleep in this tiny compartment, and then moving it in front of whatever scenic park you wanted as your view! Watch the fascinating video below to see how this tiny house functions.



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