Lovely Hair: Summer Hairstyles I Wish I Could Do

Happy Monday!

You remember that movie Beasts of the Southern Wild? Sometimes I feel like it was named after my hair. I have friends that have fabulous hair every time I see them – gorgeous braided updos, adorable pixie cuts, shiny sleek straight-as-a-pin hair. And then there’s me. I have this thick mane of slightly wavy black hair that I am clueless after three decades as what to do with. Growing up my mom used to call it my lion’s mane, and advised me to own the fierceness – well, that didn’t pan out. And those adorable braids everyone wore in the 80s, 90s and today? Well my hair’s so thick it looked like a horse’s mane when braided (i.e. not cute). I also get charged double at some hair salons because they claim they have to use double the product and it takes double the time – but that’s not my fault, is it?! Anyways, here are some summery hairstyles I’ve been dying to try, but am  a) too lazy and b) too scared of the end results to actually attempt. If there’s anyone else out there with super thick hair that has any suggestions, I would LOVE it!


Clockwise from left to right:

  • This gorgeous braided crown comes courtesy of Real Simple, but real simple it doesn’t not look. Whenever I try these braided crown type deals I have chunks of shorter hair poking out every which way, and I can never quite get the braids long enough to actually not stop in the middle of my head when pulling them up – HELP!
  • Lauren Conrad’s braided hairband is just the perfect amount of SoCal summer. If I didn’t have side bangs (what do you do with those, by the way), this might be achievable.
  • Look how perfectly summery this awesome fishtail braid looks! It sounds simple enough when I read a dozen tutorials, but when reading turns into action, lovely is not the word I’d use to describe the result. Back to the horse’s mane thing…
  • This elegant coiled chignon looks like something I may be able to do, if I used a hundred bobby pins to hold the heavy strands up.
  • I just realized that everyone in these pictures has blond-ish, what I assume to be fine hair – is that the real trick? Apparently this girl found three hairstyles that worked for her thick hair, but we’ll see what happens when this hair-inept gal attempts them.

Are there any other secret hair tricks you have to share?

Happy Monday!



3 thoughts on “Lovely Hair: Summer Hairstyles I Wish I Could Do

  1. I guess the grass is always greener, because I’ve always been so jealous of your hair!! It holds curl SO much better than mine and it’s so lush and shiny! I know what you mean about the braided updos and such though, I struggle with those as well, even with thin hair!

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