Lovely Clogs: That’s Right, Clogs

Remember clogs? Those clunky wooden shoes that would bring to mind Danish people wearing white triangle hats (or even worse, Crocs and Danskos)? Yea, I was never a big fan of those. They had their heyday in the 90s then kind of disappeared since then, only to reappear recently with the revenge of a thousand hipster fashionistas.

And now thanks to A Neon Princess, I also have a slightly irrational obsession with them. I always thought they’d be super heavy and uncomfortable, but she assures me their the most comfortable shoe ever. I always thought they were unsightly, but now I see how cute they would be with dresses and cropped pants. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, or just a desire to do some retail therapy when nothing else fits, but now I want me some clogs, dammit! A little birdie tells me Maguba clogs are the way to go. See:


Rio Sky-Blue – so cute, so summery! Love the cutouts in front.

Barcelona-Clogs_Orange_81Barcelona in Orange Suede with Wedge Heel (you can pick what type of bottom you want – how cool is that?!)

These are not Maguba


Swedish Hasbeens Lacy Sandal  – How sweet are these? And they’d be cute with tights come fall! Unfortunately I can’t figure out where to actually buy these.

26007500_010_bLidda Suede Clogs – LOVE these – but I have a hard time believing these would be comfy? I don’t get it, if the wood isn’t pliable, how does one walk in these? Do you have to lift your feet a foot off the ground every step you take?

I just realized most of my picks look pretty similar – are there any other cute clogs I’m missing out on? I’m not a fan of those mule style ones or ones with no strap in back, that just seems like a disaster waiting to happen for clumsy me.

Happy Fourth everyone! Hope you and yours have a festive and safe holiday!


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