Lovely Children’s Book: Ladybug Girl

Have you ever noticed how so many books for young kids have no storyline? It was starting to drive me nuts. And don’t even get my started on Dr. Seuss, whom I loved so much as a little kid, not so much as an adult reading it for the thousandth time. So off I went on a hunt for some fresh bedtime reading material. In my search I came across what is apparently a mega-popular children’s book series called Ladybug Girl by David Soman and Jacky Davis.

Lulu is a tenacious little girl who yearns for adventure and to do everything everyone else does. In the beginning of the book, she’s told she’s too little to do the things her big brother does and that her parents are too busy to play. Well, that doesn’t stop this brave girl from creating her own adventures and her own fun right in her own backyard. From rescuing ants to building forts, Ladybug Girl does it all. Celebrating imagination and independence, I found this book to be cheerful and uplifting.

The illustrations are delightful and the story moves at just the right pace to keep even a two-year-old entertained, as well as the reader. I hope that as Little Miss gets older and has a greater understanding of the book, it’ll really resonate with her. What little kid doesn’t know what it’s like to be bored and feel like they have nothing to do? This book makes an adventure out of the every day and shows how all you need is a big (or small) idea and a lot of spunk to make things happen.

Apparently there are several other books in this series, and I can’t wait to check them all out!

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