Lovely Baby: Sleep Regressions, Links, and More

Sleep regression. The two dreaded words I hoped I would never have to face. We’ve been incredibly lucky that Little Miss has always been an awesome sleeper and seemed to have “skipped” all of the other typical regressions that occur around the 6, 9, 12, and 18 month marks. But 2-years old is a whole different beast. Combined with the teething I was whining about earlier this week, and I’m one exhausted mama. And yes, I’ll be honest, it’ only lasted 5 days, but 5 days feels like an eternity when you’re not sleeping!

What is a sleep regression you ask? To me it’s basically when your child you formerly was sleeping through the night is all of a sudden wide-eyed and bushy-tailed awake every 2-3 hours. Yup. We get a good stretch from bedtime til about 10, then the real fun starts. At midnight, 2:30 am, and then the best part was this morning, when she was up for the day at 5:30am and exhausted by 7:30 when it was time to leave for work.

Anytime in the past when we’ve had a night or two of bad sleep, we throw every guess at the wall. Oh this must be a growth spurt, oh she must be learning her ABC’s in her head and she’ll wake up a genius, oh she must have a stomachache she can’t tell us about… you get the drill. But this time, I think we’re dealing with a different beast. Because she can tell us what’s wrong, and she throws every excuse at us not to go to bed (and sucker Mom usually falls for them.) It usually starts with “one more song” then to “poo poo”, and when I tell her nope no poop, “pee pee”, then “milk” and if you get her milk, she’ll ask for “almond milk”, then finally her “teeth owie medicine.” I think it’s called I’m 2, and making connections and figuring out what gets which result – which normally we’re pretty good at remaining firm about (this involves many tears and screaming for the parent that’s not in the room.)  But at 2 in the morning this evolves into bleary-eyed parents lying on the bed staring at the mystical creature, desperately hoping against hope that she’ll magically feel tired and lie down and go back to bed (this never works.)

All I can say is, child, go the F to sleep (lovingly, of course – there’s a reason that book is a bestseller!)

So in honor of all the sleepless nights, here’s a little something to boost me (and you!) up:

Other notes of interest:

Probably no new post tomorrow, so happy weekend everyone!

8 thoughts on “Lovely Baby: Sleep Regressions, Links, and More

  1. I’ll tell you when sleep regression returns–when they’re teenagers! Suddenly they’re out all night DRIVING in your car, hanging out with their friends. And of course, then you (the parent) can’t sleep until they’re home safely. It’s like they’re 2 all over again as far as the parental sleep deprivation is concerned.

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