Lovely Tuesday: What Kind of Asian Are You? Takes Over the Web

Okay, so I’ve been seeing this video everywhere on the Web, and had to comment. As an Asian-American female, this EXACT conversation happens to me all. the. time. all the way to the line about liking kimchi, which is part of the reason it makes it so hilarious to me. Yes, I understand that not everyone who starts this type of convo with me is deliberately trying to be offensive or even understands why it’s annoying/offensive, but it is. My favorite part is when he asks her where are parents are from, because that would often be the point for me where I’d just lie and say “America” just to be stubborn. Then this inevitable leads to, “Yea, but where are your GRANDparents from?” Basically, it’s a lose-lose conversation from the start.

I can understand why some people might not find this video amusing or just shake their heads in confusion, but either way I’m grateful to live in a country that allows us to have discussions – humorous or not – about almost any issue we want to without fear.

Anyways, moving on… it’s TUESDAY! And most of us enjoyed a 3-day weekend! And the new season of Arrested Development is finally on Netflix! (Be honest, who else watched a marathon this weekend?)  Which makes going back to work even harder, but just think about it, your week is almost halfway over already 🙂


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