Lovely Los Angeles: The LA Zoo

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Los Angeles gets a bad rap a lot of times, and I don’t really know why. Sure, traffic sucks, but there’s traffic in every other major city too. But there’s no city quite like LA where you get to drive from the sandy white beaches of the Westside through deliciously garlic-scented Koreatown to hipster-ville Silverlake, to the highrise and 20s buildings and nightlife of Downtown. And as a food lover, I especially love the wide variety of ethnic and creative foods I have the opportunity to try here. Everytime I travel I’m always dismayed at my limited options. And, come, on, everyone knows you can’t beat the weather. I love this city, and hope to share in this series some of my favorite spots around.

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Thanks to the kind folks at UGG Australia, my little family and I were able to take a trip to one of LA’s hidden treasures (with fancy new kicks on) – the LA Zoo last weekend (after a quick stop at the UGG store at The Grove for our sweet kicks – the staff there couldn’ve have been kinder). Like most zoos or places with lots of fish, I’ve lived in this great city for more than half my life and never made it to the zoo until I had a kid. I know some people find zoos creepy or sad, but I don’t mind them. And the LA Zoo is a great one to get your zoo feet wet in. It’s not too big (San Diego, I’m looking at you), there’s a wide variety of animals roaming, and lots of snack/drink/bathrooms scattered throughout. There’s even a great picnic area and petting zoo for the really little ones. Little Miss’s favorite part definitely had to be seeing the 3-week-old baby giraffe (did you know they have to be BORN 6-feet tall just to be able to reach their mother for nursing?!) and any and all creatures that resembled monkeys. Even though it hit 100 degrees that day (yes, in the beginning of May!), we still had a great time.

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And this isn’t just to plug the UGG shoes I got, but they were super comfortable. I would tell you if they weren’t. I’m petite, so I can use any height I can get, so I opted for the Gaiana style, which has a modest 2.5-inch wedge. These are so comfy and flexible (i.e. there was no “breaking in” period), that I’ve been wearing them to work every day this week. Little Miss got this way-too-adorable Estee pair (she has teeny tiny feet even though she’s almost 2) that she insists on wearing all the time around the house. And guys, UGG shoes aren’t just for women. They’ve launched a really great spring/summer collection  for men that my hubby liked so much it took him an hour to pick out his pair!

So if you have a free day in and around Los Angeles, I highly recommend taking in the LA Zoo, and then grabbing a snack at the nearby Trails Cafe at Griffith Park.

Los Angeles Zoo
5333 Zoo Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027

UGG Concept Store
189 The Grove Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Note: Tickets and products were provided to us by UGG Australia, but opinions and expressed are completely my own. 

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