Lovely Children’s Book: Stuck

Hope you all had a restful weekend! We started off Mother’s Day with a trip to the zoo (more on that later) in 100 degree heat, only to drive down to the beach a few hours later to visit my mom where it was 65! Talk about a huge change in weather.

Anyways, it’s Monday which means it’s time to slowly wake up from the weekend induced haze and get back to work… and another lovely children’s book find.


I found Stuck on sale at Anthropologie a while back, (which is often my secret source for affordable and aesthetically pleasing children’s books) and it’s become a huge hit with Little Miss who went through a big phase of telling us things were “stuck.”

This delightfully illustrated book by Oliver Jeffers tells the story of a little boy whose kite gets stuck in a tree, and as a result, he keeps tossing more and more absurd things into the tree that also get stuck.  Kids will love seeing each object added to the great big tree and delight in finding the same cat or shoe or boat over and over again as the tree gets more and more crowded. Parents will enjoy the humorous (and absurd) story line that young kids may be too little to get. And the pretty illustrations don’t hurt.

Another bonus for the reader of the tale: it’s not that long. This is an illustration-heavy book, which I always appreciate when I’m on book #3 and ready for bedtime (seriously, have you ever tried reading Madeline out loud?  It takes forever! Or my least favorite children’s book to read, Dr. Seuss’ ABC. There’s A LOT of letters from A-Z, folks.) This is definitely a book that I don’t mind Little Miss pulling out over and over again.

P.S. This has nothing to do with children’s books, but I can’t stop laughing at this NY Mag piece, “I Tried Gwyneth Paltrow’s Diet“, and it’s Monday and we could all use a boost, so read it and weep my friends.


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