Lovely Friday: This, That, and TV News

  • Check out these amazingly adorable plates meant for kids, still suitable for playful adults.
  • 9 great first birthday gifts (courtesy of me ;))
  • Loved reading this NY Times article about complaining – as hard as you try not to, it’s hard to avoid it, and it is therapeutic at times, but when is enough enough?
  • Babies eat food?!
  • I don’t really know what Papadews are, but I want these Papadew Poppers. Like bad.
  • Arrested Development (if you don’t already have Netflix, this is totally a reason to get it) is almost here! And the banana stand is back!
  • …and Parks and Recreation just got renewed for another season. Hooray! Now if only that diving show would just go away…
  • And in even more TV news, so long R-dawg, I stopped watching you half a decade ago, but you always made me laugh with all your “dawg” comments.

Have a lovely weekend all!


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