Lovely Rainy Monday

Sometimes rainy days feel just right. The beautifully gray skies, looming clouds, and the calming sound of the rain converge together for a pretty, just-right-for-a-monday picture. Now this isn’t always the case, sometimes it rains (yes, the 10 days it rains in LA), and I’m like ugh, I guess I”ll just stay in bed forever. But not today. Today I have my favorite rainy day Pandora station going (Arcade Fire), a hot cup of mint green tea, and a smile on my face as I gear up for some productivity.

What are some of your rainy day must-haves? You know, those things you pretty much only bust out on gloomy days. Things like:

– Hot cocoa with marshmallows

– Cuddling in a warm blanket on the couch while watching reruns of Felicity

– Cooking soup from scratch with a grilled cheese sandwich

– Taking an unplanned nap (ok, that only works if you’re not at work and home without kids, but one can dream)

Do share!


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