Lovely May: Happiness Revealed

April felt like kind of a blah month – gloomy weather, heavy hearts, endless to-dos. Of course there were many lovely moments too, but I’m still ready to say goodbye to April. Maybe it’s all the extra sunshine and the springy hello of May, but today just makes me want to do this:

Two interesting articles on happiness came out recently. One study claims that money really can buy happiness. I mean the logic kind of makes sense, I have one less stress in my life because I don’t have to worry about having enough to eat, or having a roof over my head. The study also argues that happiness increases with wealth because it really signals greater freedom. Freedom to choose what you do, where you go, how you live. Do you agree?

The other is an Op-Ed piece in the NY Times by a professor of philosophy at Notre Dame that opines that the four necessities for happiness are good luck, fulfilling work, “the proper use of pleasure,” and love. I don’t think I disagree with that!

I feel like I’m always focusing on the big picture that sometimes I forget to appreciate the small pleasures in life. Things like:

– Sleeping under a warm fluffy comforter on a cold day.

– Chips and guacamole.

– An ice-cold glass of white wine, or alternatively, “fancy” water with strawberries or mint inside.

– A loving hand on the small of my back.

Cute stationary that I’ll probably never use.

Sweet sticky rice with mango.

– Daily dance parties with Little Miss.

– Mom’s homemade chicken soup when I’m sick.

What are the little things that bring you joy? Do share!


2 thoughts on “Lovely May: Happiness Revealed

  1. So important to notice the small things, I agree.

    I’ve read studies that say the polar opposite about money! Or at least that find that, once you pass a certain income threshold, more $$$ doesn’t actually equal more happiness. We could talk for awhile about whether or not super wealthy people are actually happier than middle income families, right? My theory is you’re never happy with what you make in our society… we always want more. How to get away from that mentality? So tricky.

  2. I think the amount of money to make one happy/grant freedoms is not millions. I think we are all in that lucky boat for sure! Great post!

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