Lovely Earth Day Review:


If you’re like me, you’re always looking for easy ways to turn your family a little more green. The problem is, I often go to the store, start reading labels, get  confused and just walk off with whatever has the cutest packaging. Also, with an active toddler in the house and a full-time job, the bigger problem is I don’t get to go to the store, and if I do, it’s like an episode of Supermarket Sweep with me racing through the aisles grabbing my standard fare before Little Miss gets – God forbid – bored. That’s why I was so excited to be invited to try out, a fairly new website from the same family as and that carries only all-natural products.

Beauty products, grocery items, baby stuff, toys, vitamins, cleaning products and more – really tries to be a one-stop shop for all your green shopping needs. And, I have to admit, they succeeded in my book. I placed my order for a host of products (seen below), paid no shipping (shipping is free with any $35+ purchase), and the box was on my doorstep in literally under 24 hours! That’s faster than going to the store!

The only downfall for me is that there were so many products on the site that I quickly fell into an Internet time suck and many hours later, finally was ready to checkout. I also was really impressed with the numerous ways there were to sort the products. Depending on what’s most important to you, you can check qualities such as gluten-free, Fair Trade, organic, and USA made. You can even sort by products that are locally made by the city nearest to you. How cool is that? Price wise, depending on the item, some are competitive, others are high, while yet others, if they’re on additional sale, are a deal – like most online shops. Here are some of my purchases (and like most shopping nowadays, most of the stuff ends up being for Little Miss):

Earth Science A-D-E Facial Cleanser – I’ve been searching for a chemical-free facial cleanser for a while, and was excited to try out this one. After about a week, I can say it’s better than I expected. It leaves my skin clean, and without that dry, tight feeling a lot of facial cleansers seem to do.

KIND Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt – I’ve always been curious about these, and now I wonder no more – these are delicious! Although priced a little too high for me to make this a regular snack item in our household, it will make a nice treat once in a while.

Earth’s Best Fruit Yogurt Smoothie Pouches – Little Miss is obsessed with these. I always make sure to keep a couple in my bag for an emergency snack. Delicious, nutritious and portable, I’m sure the Sesame characters don’t hurt either.

Wooden Fruits/Vegetables and Pots/Pans – I’ve been dying to get Little Miss some play cooking items, and was delighted to find this all-wooden, totally adorable version. And it’s a hit!

California Baby Shampoo & Bodywash – I love that this shampoo is chemical-free, gentle enough for sensitive skin and smells like soothing lavender.

I don’t know if will necessarily become my new Amazon where I use it all the time, but I will definitely be ordering stuff from here when I have a long list of natural products I need to get, saving me a trip to the store, and maybe even some money.

And since today is Earth Day, will be giving away a free organic tote bag and Brita water bottle with every purchase of $35 or more. So what are you waiting for? Go green!

* This post was sponsored by but any opinions expressed are my own. 


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