Lovely Sleepy Tuesday Thoughts

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Happy Tuesday! I feel like I’ve been dragging my feet all week, even though it’s not even halfway into the week. Here in LA we enjoyed gorgeous 80 degree weather all weekend only to now be back in cold (for us SoCal weaklings), dreariness. So thanks to my slugishness, here’s a roundup of good reads from around the web.

  • Are romantic comedies dead? God, I hope not! I can still watch “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” every year and laugh and swoon at the same parts every. single. time. Who’s the next Julia Roberts/Meg Ryan/Reese Witherspoon of this generation anyways?
  • The 10 greatest heists in history. I don’t know why, but I love reading about this stuff. The planning and work these criminals put in is astounding. And most of them never get away with it!
  • Watercolor nails over at Cup of Jo. So spring, and so pretty
  • Did you know your iPhone could’ve been called a Telepod?!

The image above is of my new obsession: Chimes Ginger Chews which seriously hit every taste craving imaginable all at once, with that killer zing of ginger. Love it! I went through half the bag yesterday because they are a (practically) guilt-less pleasure. And what’s not to love about that packaging?

Hope today flies by for you if you want it to, like I do.



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