Lovely Oscars 2013: Roundup

Happy Monday! The Oscars were last night, so this town is finally cleaning up and going back to normal. I thought this year’s show was a total snooze. All the expected people won, there were no gasp-worthy dresses, and the telecast felt longer than watching all the “Lord of the Rings” movies back to back. The music theme they were attempting did not work at all. I love me some musicals, and I was left mentally begging the producers towards the halfway point to please just stop the singing already. This is not the Tony’s, people. Seth Macfarlane was a forgettable host with more jokes falling flat than garnering laughs, IMO.  Tina and Amy 2014!

Highlights were definitely Jennifer Lawrence falling – it just adds to her likability – and there’s already a GIF for that, and Ang Lee winning (I don’t know why, but he just looks like a nice guy.) Low lights, as any fellow Hathahater no doubt felt, was the second she opened her mouth (“It came true!” GAG. Seriously, go away for like 5 years now), and Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy’s painfully awkward bit.  And what in the world happened to Renee Zellwegger’s face? And Catherine Zeta-Jones?! Having them stand next to each other just highlighted the sadness of women unable to age with grace.

But let’s move on to the more important stuff – the dresses! Every year I love seeing what all the ladies are going to wear, and I must admit, I felt really disappointed this year.  It’s not that a lot of the dresses weren’t gorgeous, they were, and the women wearing them looked beautiful, but they were all so….vanilla.


Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta was a vision. Floaty, frothy, loveliness. The color didn’t stand out much, but that’s ok.

Loved Naomi Watts’ Armani Prive dress and pretty much everything she’s worn all awards season. The cutout adds a daring touch and a sexy glimpse of shoulder.

Jessica Chastain in Armani Prive looked fantastic. Statuesque, regal and classy. The dress fit her to a T. But, much like her personality, I found it lacking something (perhaps some emerald accessories?), but still one of my top dresses of the night.


I adored the bold coral color and gold embroidery of Kerry Washington’s Miu Miu gown. On an unrelated note, has her head always looked so big?


Alexander McQueen on Salma Hayek surprisingly worked for me.  But when did she get so teeny-tiny looking?!

I generally heart everything Marchesa, and Olivia Munn’s dress was no exception. The deep scarlet, the gold embroidery, the draping – loved it all.

Charlize Theron is otherworldly looking, so she gets away with looking good in a lot, and this white-hot architectural Christian Dior Cotoure dress fit her like a glove. Love the pop of tan against the white with her chic new haircut. I love how she kept the jewelry to a minimum with just the diamond cuffs.


Kristen Stewart wore Naeem Kahn and I can’t pinpoint if it’s the ill-fitting dress, or just her persona – slouchy, dead eyes, with constant i-don’t-believe-in-a-brush bedhead. If I made $20 million a year the least I could do was hire a team to make me look like I care for a few hours.

Helena Bonham Carter marches to the beat of her own drum and doesn’t care. Good for her, but don’t be surprised she always ends up on Worst Dressed lists. She always dresses and looks like all the characters she plays – crazy, frazzled and unkempt.

Nancy O’Dell was too tan, too blue, too everything.

Oh wait, but then there’s Brandi Glanville in who really cares. No words. Wait, I have A word. Gross.


Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior Couture. What a waste of an opportunity. As the front-runner to win and being young with a gorgeous figure, I’m sure she had her pick of gowns, but this blush wedding dress-like selection didn’t do it for me. It was just too much gown, and the color didn’t stand out at all. And on camera, you could hardly pick up any of the little details that perhaps made this dress stand out in person.

Jennifer Aniston’s Valentino dress makes her look like she’s wearing a red blanket. She almost always wears the same drab things. Black, red, form fitting, or A-line. Hair and tan never change. Hey, but she still looks great.

Reese Witherspoon continues her nice girl persona with a very “nice” dress. The blue is really flattering on her, but everything else about the dress was uber-dull.

Who made your best and worst dressed list this year? Did you find this year’s Oscar’s as snooze-worthy as I did?


One thought on “Lovely Oscars 2013: Roundup

  1. Totally agree that Kerry Washington’s dress was gorg and that that dumb vampire girl is such a clown. I don’t dislike many people with just gusto, but her I do! Hahahah!

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