Lovely Children’s Book: Little Owl Lost

Little Owl Lost written and illustrated by Chris Haughton is a huge hit around these here parts. The basic premise of this book is a lost baby owl that goes around the forest with the help of a few friends looking for his mommy. Cute, no?

Filled with bright folksy illustrations that both parents and kids will adore, a simple, relatable, (and more importantly,) not-too-long story (hey, parents get tired!) and repetitive elements make this book one of Little Miss’ favorites. She tugs this book from the bookshelf night after night asking for “ow-el”. By this point she’s memorized what’s to come and says “uh-oh” before he’s even gotten lost, and loves to shout an emphatic “no!” and points at me when asked “is this his mommy?” (Even when it IS his mommy – we’re working on that.)

Apparently Haughton is an Irish illustrator and author who also co-founded NODE, a fair trade design organization that “connect[s] a worldwide network of designers and artists with traditional Nepalese carpet makers to create beautiful handmade rugs.” Employees are taught literacy and skills and receive fair wages. How cool is that?

Next on our list to get is his other book, Oh No, George! which I assume will also be a big hit in our household since “oh, no!” is one of Little Miss’ current favorite phrases.


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