Happy Valentine’s Day! (Am I an Old Lady?!)

So this morning on the long drive into work, I was listening to a certain popular radio station who had people with love-related inquiries call in. This guy calls in saying he’s not sure if this girl he’d been hanging out with was into him or not. After listing off the types of “hangouts” they had had, he also drops in a key piece of the puzzle: “But we poke back and forth on Facebook all the time, so I think she maybe likes me.” Now, having been with my special someone for the past decade, prior to the explosion of texting/Tweeting/Facebooking, and apparently FLIRT-POKING, my reaction to this statement was somewhere between feeling appalled and dissolving into giggles.

I know I totally sound Old Lady writing this, but how did the world change so drastically in a few short years? Gone are the days of talking for hours on the phone, eagerly anticipating an email (or, gasp!  a phone call!), learning things about someone through face-to-face conversation, and the element of surprise. And John Cusack standing outside your window holding up a boombox? Forget it! Instead of flirting with shy glances or awkward party conversations, now people are fake “poking” each other to send signals! I mean there’s even entire sites devoted to success stories of people who met on Facebook!  And have you heard of Netiquette? I’ve been involved in multiple passionate discussions about when it’s appropriate to change one’s FB status to “in a relationship” (the general consensus is if you do it first, you’re giving up some of the power), and have witnessed many FB “friends” who are passive-aggressively mad at their significant others by changing their status to “it’s complicated” (which almost always gets changed back a few hours later.)

I’ll admit it, I could never survive in the modern dating world. It’s a brave new world and I would get eaten alive. What do you think? Has technology improved or hindered our dating lives?

Anyways, Happy Valentine’s Day!! Celebrate love today – not just romantic – love your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers or even the furry thing snuggling by your feet! (And take advantage of the free treats.) Little Miss is still too young to truly grasp anything about today, although she’s very excited to receive adorable little cards from people and there will be  a special treat waiting for her tonight.

Also, I finally started watching “Girls” and I’m obsessed.

And ICYMI, here’s a glimpse at what real love truly is (or the cutest thing you’ll see all week. promise).

AND, one of my favorite dreamy songs ever, Cat Powers’ “Sea of Love”

One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day! (Am I an Old Lady?!)

  1. I would suck at present-day dating, too. I often tell the husband how glad I am to not be a part of that scene… I’d be so bad at it!

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