Lovely Valentine’s Cards 2013

Yea, yea we’ve all heard it before – Valentine’s Day is a consumerist holiday made-up by card and chocolate companies worldwide, and everyday should really be Valentine’s Day. Which is all fine and great, but let’s be real, is your partner going to go out of their way to get you flowers/chocolate/homemade dinner/card every other day of the year? If so, wow, that’s a keeper! If not, embrace and celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you choose to do it February 14 or not is up to you, but special days are always fun in my book. And my favorite part of special days? Picking out the perfect card. I’m a stationary junkie and have been known to spend obscene amounts of time perusing adorable letterpress cards that cost more than a meal at McDonald’s. But they’re just so damn cute, who could resist? So in the spirit of amore, here are some of my favorite finds for Valentine’s Day cards this year:

valentine-day-cards-20131. Egg Press Fierce Lion 2. Egg Press You Float My Boat  3. Night Owl Otter Love 4. Hello! Lucky Heart Burn  5. Sycamore Street Love Struck  6. Hello! Lucky Yeti 7. Sugar Paper Floating On Air 8. Rifle Paper Co. Fox

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