Lovely Friday: Random Stuff Roundup

If you’ve been dissatisfied with the lack of quality shows on TV, look no further. Lifetime now has a riveting new reality show (my bad, they call it a “docuseries”) based solely on WOMEN TRYING ON BRAS. Yes, you read that right. TRYING. ON. BRAS. Double Divas “offers an eye-opening peek into the world of intimate apparel.” This show brings to mind a book my book club recently read, Super Sad True Love Story which vividly depicts the future of modern society as a vapid, tech and trash tv-filled world. Sure Double Divas is no Jersey Shore in terms of trash factor, but c’mon! How can some Lifetime executive have thought, you know what people really want to see more of? Women trying to find the right bra size! Now that’s a gold mine! Shakes head.

Apparently I’m not the only one who finds Anne Hathaway beyond annoying. I guess I’m a Hathahater.

Listening to an NPR piece this morning about the controversy surrounding mental health gun laws requiring therapists and other mental health professionals to report “potentially violent” patients thereby giving law authorities the power to take guns away from such people. Kind of like a modern-day Minority Report. Is it ethical to persecute people for crimes they have yet to commit if it may prevent a future tragedy?

ICYMI, Lance Armstrong has finally admitted to doping – on Oprah, no less. It’s hard to feel any sympathy for a guy who blatantly lied for so long, and even now, doesn’t seem all that apologetic. Regretful he got caught, yes. But not sorry.

The best Coconut Hot Chocolate ever.

Have you always wondered how to do a lovely braided chignon (I have!) Well here you go!

Why drugs are bad and green tea is awesome.

Happy Friday and happy three-day weekend for those lucky enough to have one!

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One thought on “Lovely Friday: Random Stuff Roundup

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