How Being a Mom is Like Living in the Wild

Little Miss so tired she tried to sleep inside a present.

Little Miss so tired she tried to sleep inside a present.

Sorry for the long delay. sleep-deprivation + stress =  no blogging. Little Miss was super sick with some mysterious virus and getting her last two teeth at the same time, which, as all you parents know, means parental hell. Multiple doctor’s visits, a trip to the ER and lots of forced syringe-feedings and infant Advil later, I am happy to say that all is fine and well and we have two shiny new teeth to show for it.  I’m constantly amazed at how fast we forget what the newborn days were like (this is probably why people end up having more kids), because these past few weeks were a major reminder. Anyways, in my 2-4 hours of sleep-a-day-daze, I got to thinking how motherhood is just like living in the wild.

  • There’s no such thing as weekends. Lions in the wild don’t know what a Saturday is, or feel extreme joy for Friday. Because for them, every day is the same. They have to survive and feed their family No breaks. Just like parenting. Long gone are the days of sleeping in on a Sunday. Now anything past 7am causes me to repeatedly thank my toddler for “letting mommy sleep in today.”
  • You always sleep with one eye (or ear) open. Animals in the wild do this so they don’t get eaten by surprise. We do this because we’re also responsible for another small living being. That and the constant hum and crackle of the baby monitor that’s always (why is this?) on our side of the bed.
  • You eat on the go what you can when you can. With a newborn you literally have no time to eat, so you just eat whatever’s in front of you, or not at all. With a toddler, going out to eat is a whole different ordeal, and as a full-time working mom, who has time to cook?! And when baby is sick/teething/growth spurt, etc., forget about it – I’m lucky to eat or drink anything before noon.
  • What’s a shower? Daily showering is a thing of the baby-free past. So is personal grooming and hygiene.  My go-to hairstyle of late is a messy bun, emphasis on the “messy”. I also remembering when taking a shower was a luxury I looked forward to. Now it’s turned into ugh-I-can’t-go another-day-without-showering-and-not-looking-like-a-hobo-but-just-want-to -sleep-and-it’s-so-cold dammit. And here’s a true confession: I wore these same pair of leggings (yes, the mom-uniform du jour) yesterday morning, to bed last night, and woke up and am still wearing them to work today. Don’t judge. I bet those zebras aren’t washing themselves in the watering hole every day either.
  • There are days where simply surviving is the goal.  The past few weeks my mantra was “I just have to make it to bedtime.” No fun activities, no aspirations of fresh and healthy meals, just simply make it out alive.  I doubt mama bear wants to have to hunt daily to feed her cubs, but she does so because she has to. So we put one foot in front of the other and go on.

Then you go to bed only to know you have to get up in a mere few hours to start it all over again. But you do it. And you keep doing it. A) because, really, you have no other choice, and B) because even when it sucks and is horrible and you’re tired beyond belief,  you love ’em and when they smile and kiss you, it melts your weary heart.

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