Lovely Holiday: Mulled Cider, Baby Photobombs and More!

Christmas is 5 days away, ahhhh! How did that happen?! I had all these lovely and grand Christmas-y plans to do with Little Miss in my head (where a day apparently has a bazillion hours), and sadly, have only gotten to accomplish a few – but that’s ok! I feel like time is moving at the speed of light and by the time I get home from work the day has practically already ended before it’s begun.  But, I digress. After hearing all of the heartbreaking and horrific news earlier this week, let’s focus on some holiday cheer.

I’m stealing this awesome Lisa Congden illustration from the equally lovely Lauren Maxwell because I’ve always wondered how to do this, and failed multiple times. Besides, who doesn’t love a great illustration?

The holiday season is often filled with lots of stress, spending (one present for you, two for me, sound familiar?) and a mad rush to see everyone and get everything, but let’s all try to slow down and enjoy the season for what it really is – a time to be thankful for all  the love and joy we have in our lives, an opportunity to spend time with family, a time to indulge in homey baked goods and to celebrate the end of another blessed year – because despite everything around us, we’re still here with full hearts and even fuller bellies. Hard to ask for more. Cheers!

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