Lovely Gifts 2012: Baby + Toddler Gift Guide

Shopping for adults can be challenging, but shopping for babies and toddlers? Now, that’s fun! Here are a few irresistible items I’ve rounded up for this year’s holiday gift guide. Hope you enjoy, and please share your favorite buys for the tots in your life!
kid gifts

1) Fabric Baguette – Toddlers love pretend everything, especially play food, and this baguette sandwich is not only pleasing on the eyes, but comes with lots of accouterments so your toddler can really create their masterpiece of a hoagie.

2) Wooden Elephant Ride-On – Eco-friendly, free of toxins, and stylish! Who needs another garishly colored plastic toy cluttering up their living room? Not me, that’s for sure. This rocking elephant is so cute that I would’ve displayed it out in the open sans baby!

3) Queen of Hearts Doll – I am obsessed with these adorable dolls from Petit Collage (confession: we have the Apple one), and this newest version just kills me with cuteness. They’re also made of organic cotton and wool so you can feel good about your little one sucking on them.

4) Citta Baby Booties and Hat – I mean, come on, seriously? These just scream precious! It makes me want to have another just so I can put them in these. This would make a great gift for new parents or a Christmas baby.

5) Oeuf Crown – how freakin’ adorable is this little fabric crown?! Fashioned after the one Max wore in Where the Wild Things Are, I can just see Little Miss running around all day in this (or, alternatively, ripping it off her head the second I place it there.)

6) Ukelele – there’s something so happy about a ukelele and this colorful and affordable version is no exception.

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