Thoughts on a Sleepy Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, which after Monday, is the second blah-est day of the week. Combine that with three hours of disjointed sleep thanks to all the little creatures residing in my house and you get a very sleepy, very loopy me.

So some random thoughts for this not-quite-midweek afternoon:

  • Two of my favorite shows are on tonight! Actually, now come to think of it, I was so enamored with New Girl its first season, but now find myself loving everything about the show EXCEPT for the new girl. Much like Taylor Swift, Zooey Deschanel’s Jess has overstayed her welcome. She’s too precious, too naive, and too wide-eyed childlike. No 30-year old woman really acts like that, and that shtick has gotten real old, real fast. (It doesn’t help that the actress appears to behave that same way in real life.)  But, let’s be real, this show is all about the boys. Do you think the guys get hoarse all the time from all of the yelling they have to do? Sometimes I feel like 90% of the dialogue is shouting.
  • And then there’s the awesomely hilarious The Mindy Project. Come on, who doesn’t have a secret crush on grouchy Dr. Castellano? How many seasons do you think it’ll take before they finally get together? Because that’s really what’s supposed to happen, right? And how cute are her clothes?!
  • I’m blasting the “Bright & Happy Hits of Today” station on Songza to stay awake, and have found a new cheesy guilty-pleasure song – Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven“.
  • The countdown to Christmas is officially on! Did any of you grow up with advent calendars? I didn’t, but think it might be a fun tradition to start with Miss Little once she’s old enough. I think this Land of Nod one and this DIY one from Oh Happy Day are especially lovely.

Happy Tuesday all!


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Sleepy Tuesday

  1. I recently got into New Girls and I think because I haven’t seen Season 1 my annoyance with Jess hasn’t started yet. I did avoid the show in the first place because of Zooey. Her little girl act became annoying. As for The Mindy Project I like it but I can’t seem to watch any of her awkward interactions with the guys.

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