Lovely Gifts: Under $15 For Her

Now that the holiday season is in full-swing, I’ve been stressed by the thought of Christmas shopping. Luckily this year, my side of the family decided to draw names and just buy one person a super-nice gift and little $15 or less things for everyone else just so we all still have lots of things to unwrap. So what can you get for $15 that’s not just socks or little baubles no one wants? So much! I find the best gifts are the things you always want to get for yourself, but don’t. Here’s just a few for her (him and baby to come):

Clockwise from top:

Baggu bags – who doesn’t love these? They come in a variety of adorable solids and patterns, and at $7 a bag, you can get several, or use it as an alternative to gift wrapping!

Rifle Paper Recipe Cards ($12) – Vintage-y and useful, this is the exact kind of thing I would pick up over and over again, but just couldn’t bring myself to buy. How sweet would it be to receive these with some homemade baked goods and the recipe copied down on one of the cards?

Claudette Notebook ($12) – Add a little whimsy and color to her stationary collection with these adorable notebooks from Darling Clementine.

Braided Friendship Bracelet ($6.99-$10) – Bring back the long-gone tradition of friendship bracelets with this sweet little accessory that’s grown-up enough to wear everyday.

Swedish Dream Sunflower Face Soap ($4.95) – Made from sunflower oil and English primrose oil, not only are these face soaps all-natural and gentle, they come in amazing packaging to boot!

Chalkboard Spice Jar ($10-$12) – Everything’s a little better with a mini chalkboard, and these lovely spice jars are no exception. With a variety of covetable colored lids to choose from, these would make a great hostess gift as well. Better yet, fill it with some artisinal sea salt and you’ll have a friend for life.


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