Lovely Friday: Links, Musings, and Such

Some things I’m loving today:

  • J.Crew has the cutest baby stuff now. If I were a millionaire, my daughter would be wearing this and this.
  • This fascinating interview with the minds (and sisters!) behind fashion darling Rodarte.
  • I totally teared up reading this heartwarming story about a girl who wrote President Obama and got a response back (imagine her surprise!)
  • A high-powered working mom’s poignant resignation memo to her co-workers rings true on so many levels and opens up another dialogue on balancing professional and family life and if the current workplace structure is supportive of that (it isn’t.)
  • How gorgeous are these removable triangle wall decals? Imagine the possibilities…

This weekend will be all about Thanksgiving prep, entertaining the baby, and Twilight (don’t judge, I know the movies are terrible, but I just can’t help myself.) Hope you and yours have a lovely weekend!


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