Lovely Friday: Mighty Life List and More

I know this Mighty Life List has been all over the web the past year, but I’ve only just discovered it. The concept is simple: write down 100 things that you hope to accomplish in your lifetime. The power of just writing it down will hopefully motivate you to tackle some (or all!) of them. Better yet, share them with a group of friends and cheer each other on. Who’s in?

A few other random Friday goodies:

  • Who were the real winners of this election? Women! Go girl power!
  • This fall vegetable slaw looks ah-mazing! I will kiss you if you make this for me. Seriously.
  • Is Oprah’s favorite things list a dud this year? Vanity Fair seems to think so.
  • I can’t wait to pin holiday gifts ideas on Pinterest’s new secret boards. Hurray!
  • Check out Creature Comfort’s 2013 calendar round-up. Agh, so cute! I want every single one of them!
  • Above is an image of the free hot air balloon at Irvine’s Great Park. It was awesome. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend you check it out.

Happy Friday all!


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