Lovely Video: Junior Senior Style + Happy Halloween!

Need a energy boost for this Halloween Hump Day? There’s nothing that perks me up more than this Junior Senior song. Plus, the video is RAD. So what are you waiting for? Get up and dance (or do a little office chair dance like me)!

Some fun Halloween links:

* Adorable homemade kids’ Halloween costumes from around the blogosphere like this snail, this bird, and, of course, baby weight-lifter.

* Creepy dinner ideas for tonight (sorry, have to self-promote), or have breakfast for dinner with these pumpkin waffles.

* A great article from The Atlantic on ending sexy Halloween. Seriously, do I really need to see any more Rated-R versions of Alice/Snow White/nurse/beer girls? Why not just call it Wear-Your-Lingerie-in-Public Day?  It’s one thing for grown adults (even though I find that tiresome as well now-another sign of aging perhaps?), but another when adolescent girls think that’s what you’re supposed to do to look cool. Thoughts?

Happy Halloween!


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