Celebrity Fatigue Syndrome

You guys know what I’m talking about, right? There’s always that one famous person you started out thinking was sooooo cute, so “down-to-earth” and what not, and then fast forward a few years later and you find yourself yelling at the screen, “Just go away already!” For me, that person is Taylor Swift (gasp! I know). Even as a way beyond my teen years woman I used to think omg she’s so adorable, I love her hair, and those slightly modest retro-y clothes she wears. And omg look how genuinely moved she is to be winning her 800th award. Oh, Taylor, you’re better than that creep John Mayer.  Awwww. 

Now I have major Taylor-fatigue. During my regular  Thursday-night Vampire Diaries (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it)  texting marathon with my girlfriend, this very topic manifested itself. See for yourself (and even though we sound like teens, I swear we’re not):

Now those formerly lovable retro-esque clothes just screams “trying too hard!”, those sing along-able songs about heartache and boys just rings insincere, and instead of the fake I’m-so-surprised face, please try perfecting a regal yes-i-know nod and smile combo instead à la Beyonce.

So why the sudden change in heart? With media available 24/7 in every conceivable format combined with the relentless “reporting” of sites like TMZ shoving the same people in your faces all day everyday, after a while, just like any relationship where you never get alone time, you need a breather.  Has this ever happened to you?

And yes, despite my celeb fatigue, I still sing along to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – it’s catchy, dammit!



5 thoughts on “Celebrity Fatigue Syndrome

  1. I have never liked Taylor Swift. But I have to admit, I just love screaming “We are never, ever, ever, ever, getting back together” while driving. So catchy 🙂

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