Random Thursday

Random musings on a (finally) cool(er) Thursday! L.A. – you be hot!

  • Anyone remember Hootie and the Blowfish? (Seriously, what kind of name is that?)  Roooooll to meeee!
  • I would like to wear THIS and THAT with THESE.
  • Are Chicken McNuggets made of real chicken now? Wait, don’t tell me. Sometimes ignorance is bliss…
  • Free coffee brewed in the office from an official Starbucks machine with freshly ground Starbucks beans is still not the same as walking into a Starbucks (or any other coffeehouse), giving them my hard-earned money, and walking out with a fancy cup o’ joe.
  • If you have yet to watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi, please do. Instant streaming on Netflix right now, and it’s quietly lovely and fascinating all at once.

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